an unplanned pregnancy
can be tough to face...

you don't have to face it alone

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We understand....

   Life can be so difficult to handle.  
            Some days we find ourselves 
                            facing circumstances 
    we never dreamed would invade our lives.  

            We are scared,     
                    and need someone to listen.

    At Heart to Heart we would like to offer you a listening ear.  We will hear what you have to say, and treat you with care and respect. 

We know
that you are the only one who can really make a decision concerning your pregnancy, and we know that it's not always easy.  The most important thing we can offer you is accurate information and a place to talk and ask questions so that you have all the tools to make your decision.

    We are also available to offer support and help in healing from the difficult emotional, relational, and spiritual issues that so many women face even years after and abortion choice. 

    Stop by and see us, or give us a call.  We would love to visit with you and offer the
compassion you need for this time in your life.


The Staff at Heart to Heart

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